Aguigui invites detractors to meet and air their grievances

Guam National Guard Adjutant General Esther Aguigui is inviting her detractors to meet with her and air their grievances.

Guam National Guard Adjutant General Esther Aguigui says the allegations made in the latest anonymous letter critical of her administration are largely inaccurate.

In an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo this morning, Aguigui said the way to resolve grievances is to come knock on her door and talk about it.

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“The anonymous writers are welcome to come talk to me,” said Aguigui. However “we are not going to publicly address the allegations which are largely inaccurate,” she said.

However, the adjutant general did go on to address some of the accusations in the letter during her 20-minute interview this morning with K-57’s Patti Arroyo, who among other questions, asked about the claims that Aguigui is not qualified for the job.

“I got emails, there were questions about my qualifications as the adjutant general, what I offer you, what I offer everyone, is that I have served in both the Army and the Air Guard. And I have also served as an enlisted and an officer. And so the privilege to serve in this capacity is an honor given to me by the governor, a privilege given to me because I was qualified to do so. And I just happened to be a woman,” Aguigui said.

The latest letter was the second anonymous letter critical of the Guard leadership in the past month to be released to the media by someone who purports to be a member of the Guam National Guard.

“Many are unhappy with the change, good or bad. And this only represents the small number of the total number of soldiers and airmen who are actually happy with the change. Those who may not agree with some of the changes that are made, are accepting them and are respectfully looking forward to the many changes that are happening within our organization,” Aguigui said.

The latest letter was sent to the governor and the writer says she is a female member of the Guard who claims that over the past that 10 months, the Guam Guard and Department of Military Affairs have experienced a decline in productivity, troop morale, and a hostile working environment since Aguigui was appointed adjutant general at the start of the year.

“I welcome all. I have never told anyone to don’t come … talk to me. I welcome anyone. I welcome all …  soldiers, airmen, and retirees. Anyone. I welcome anyone to come talk to me about their concerns. And until I know who they are I cannot address any of these allegations,” Aguigui said.

She added there are many venues already in place to communicate concerns, pointing to the town hall meetings she has held and as well as regular command and staff meetings.

She also has a chat group with different leadership teams where issues can be raised immediately.

“My time is dedicated to the soldiers, airmen, and civilians of the Guam National Guard. And everyone knows that I’m available,” Aguigui said.