Aguilar Suspended From the Practice of Law


Guam – The Guam Supreme Court today [Friday] order the immediate and summary suspension of Attorney Danilo Aguilar’s license to practice law.

Aguilar’s suspension follows his guilty plea in District Court last Friday to 2 counts of money laundering involving close to $200-thousand dollars.

Read the Supreme Court’s Order

Notice of Aguilar’s suspension will be posted in the PDN and Marianas Variety.

Aguilar admitted that he conducted financial transactions involving funds that he knew to be the proceeds of mail fraud. The fraud resulted in a loss to the Bank of Guam of close to $200-thousand dollars.

Read the plea agreement

On the recommendation of the U.S. Attorney, District Court Judge Francis Tydingco-Gatewood sentenced Aguilar to 5 years probation and ordered him to pay restitution to the Bank of Guam. The Attorney  will serve no time in jail.

The plea agreement does not make clear what happened to all that money.

U.S. Attorney Alicia Limtiaco issued a statement Friday defending the plea agreement. 

In her statement, U.S. Attorney Limtiaco says: “After learning from the first bank that the check was fraudulent, Aguilar continued to withdraw funds from the second bank and used it to pay off his personal and business debts.”

And Limtiaco explained that “in cases where money is stolen, victims want to be made whole and want restitution and to recover what was taken from them. The Department of Justice is committed to making victims whole by ensuring they recover the money or property taken from the defendant. Internet scams are everywhere but it does not excuse the actions of defendants who, upon becoming aware of the scam, continue to participate in it because doing so can cost more than just money, it can result in criminal charges.”