Aguon Concerned About Continued Funding for Domestic Violence Prevention Programs if Sequestration Happens


Guam  Guam Senator Frank Aguon Jr. is concerned about continued funding for domestic violence prevention programs, if sequestration happens this coming Friday.


Such programs on Guam are administered by the Guam Attorney General’s Office which received about $1 million dollars in grants from the U.S. DOJ in 2012 to combat domestic violence.]

READ Senator Aguon’s letter to the Guam AG HERE

In a letter to the Guam Attorney Aguon asks:

* Has the Guam AG’s office assessed how future VAWA [Violence Against Women Act] related grants will be affected by the potential federal cuts? If so, how has your office prepared for these potential cuts to local domestic violence shelters and programs.

* What is the status of the $404K grant in the Crime Victims Fund? Has it been allocated or expended? If so, to whom and/or how?

READ the release from Senator Aguon below:

FEBRUARY 22, 2013


Hagatna, GU–Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr. has written a letter to Attorney General Lenny Rapadas regarding the A.G. office’s plans for continuing domestic violence program funding in the event of budget sequestration on March 1st, 2013.

A recent report by the House Appropriations Committee Democrats indicated that the sequestration would reduce U.S. Dept. of Justice’s budget by $1.2 billion. A separate report has indicated that $20 million will be cut directly from Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”) program funding [“Sequestration Would Slash VAWA Programs By $20 Million: DOJ”, The Huffington Post, 02/15/13″]. Senator Aguon has requested Atty. Gen. Rapada’s plans for continued program funding in the event the sequestration occurs, given that the Guam A.G.’s office received approximately $1 million in grant funding from US DOJ in 2012 for domestic violence programs. Sen. Aguon also inquired on the status of a June 21st, 2012 grant to the Guam A.G.’s office amounting to $404,688, intended to be used for programs to help victims of domestic violence.

In his letter, Senator Aguon asks Atty. Gen. Rapadas:

“- Has the Guam AG’s office assessed how future VAWA-related grants will be affected by the potential federal cuts? If so, how has your office prepared for these potential cuts to local domestic violence shelters and programs?

- What is the status of the $404,688 grant in the Crime Victims Fund? Has it been allocated or expended? If so, to whom and/or how?”

Senator Aguon has requested the AG’s ‘expedient response’ given circumstances ‘nationally, with the sequestration, and locally, with the recent rash of reprehensible domestic violence crimes’.