Aguon Proposes Measure to Speed Up Issuance of Drivers Licenses


Guam – Senator Frank Aguon Jr. has proposed new legislation aimed at reducing the time it take to get a drivers license.

Senator Aguon’s proposed bill would speed up the process of getting a general operators’ drivers’ license by allowing for off-duty road tests to be conducted on weekends and holidays.

Currently it can take as long as 6 months to get an appointment and take your road test.

In a release, Aguon says “The procedure of applying for a non-commercial motor vehicle driver’s license has become a tedious process and that the Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Revenue & Taxation is understaffed and unable to keep pace with the ever increasing demand.”

Senator Aguon says that Bill No. 478-30 would provide for weekend and holiday road tests to help applicants get their drivers’ licenses sooner for a minimum additional fee.

Read Bill # 478

In a release the Senator is quoted as saying that: “With the increasing demand and the expected additional applicants in relation to the increase in population because of the military build-up we need to improve the system or come out with alternative ways on how to accommodate these applicants.