Aguon Round-Table on Final EIS Gauges Impact On GovGuam Agencies


Guam – Senator Frank Aguon Jr last week held a round-table meeting on the Final EIS with the Judiciary of Guam,  the Department of Public Health and others to get an idea of the impact of the buildup on their agencies.

Aguon says that the Judiciary of Guam will require an additional four judges and over 100 new employees as a result of the buildup. As for the Department of Public Health they too will need to increase their staff but they are also thinking of ways to prevent diseases from coming into the island of Guam.

Aguon told PNC News that “There’s got to be a mechanism in place where in fact we have a pre-screening, pre-health screening of any temporary workers that are coming into Guam at the originating site.”

Aguon says that this would at least assure the people of Guam that these temporary workers don’t bring in any diseases that could result in an outbreak. As for GEDA they are concerned that most of the civil service jobs won’t go to locals but rather to military dependants and civil service employees on Okinawa.