Aguon Seeks Expanded Accommodations for Early Voters


Guam – Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Aguon Jr. is calling for the establishment of regional voting sites and/or the expansion of existing accommodations for early voters .

In a letter to Governor Felix Camacho, Aguon points out that a record 3,200 plus voters cast in-office early ballots and there were long lines that may have discouraged some from voting.

Read Aguon’s letter to Governor Camacho

Because there will probably be a greater number voting in the General Election, Aguon is urging the Governor “to seriously consider supporting the Guam Election Commissions establishment of strategically located regional voting sites,” and/or expanding “existing accommodations.”

Read Bill No. 465-30 (COR) relative to facilitating early voting

“I am of the opinion,” writes Aguon,” that this type of expanded program would significantly increase the number of early voters and thereby increase voter participation overall.”

To pay for it, the Senator suggests that the Governor transfer “up to ninety days of funding from the Fiscal Year 2011 funds budgeted for the Guam Election Commission.”