DoD Proposes Cancellation of Global Hawk, Could End Andersen’s Role in Program


Guam – The Department of Defense is proposing to end the Global Hawk program as well as cancel the ongoing development of the C-27 transport aircraft , retire numerous transport planes and cut 7 as yet un-named squadrons.

The cuts are part of  DoD’s proposed 2013 budget which Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced during a news conference in Washington Thursday.

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During his presentation, the Defense Secretary said  “the cost of the Global Hawk program would significantly exceed the cost of  the U-2 so we cancelled Global Hawk Block 30 and extended the U-2 program.”

The Global Hawk was deployed to Guam in September of 2010, after completion of a multi-million dollar hanger built especially for the pilot-less drone. 

The Global Hawk has flown missions from Andersen to the middle east and it played an important role surveying the damaged Japanese nuclear reactors at Fukushima last March.

DoD is under pressure to cut close to $500 billion dollars from its budget over the next ten years.