Airline Ticket Scammer Pleads Not Guilty


Frances Quinata is facing charges related to an alleged scam involving airline tickets to Texas.

Guam – The woman who’s been accused by multiple people of airline ticket fraud pleaded not guilty today.


Frances Marie Quinata is currently facing charges of theft by deception in a case that involves tickets to Texas.

In this case, Quinata is accused of stealing over $1,300 from two customers by booking them a one-way flight instead of the round-trip airfare they paid for.

Quinata has been accused by several people of airline ticket fraud, including the Little League Softball Girls team who allege that she stole $38,000 from the team.

Quinata has been convicted in the past of using a stolen American Express credit card to book airline tickets for various customers. She was also convicted in California of grand theft by stealing two laptop computers from her former employer.

Quinata today waived her right to a speedy trial. Her next court date is on September 10 at 9 am.





  1. The woman has a history of scamming people out of their hard earned money. The picture says it all. That deer in the headlights look is indicative of someone who can’t believe they were caught. Find her guilty of her crimes and sentence her accordingly.

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