Airline Ticket Swindler’s Charges Upgraded


A superseding indictment was handed down against Frances Marie Quinata on theft by deception charges as second degree felonies.

Guam – A superseding indictment was handed down by a superior court grand jury against Frances Marie Quinata who was accused of defrauding a female softball team and other individuals out of tens of thousands of dollars in airline tickets.


She was arrested last August on theft charges as third degree felonies but those charges have now been upgraded to second degree felonies. She appeared in court today to answer to the charges in the superseding indictment. Quinata pleaded not guilty and waived her right to a speedy trial.

She’s accused posing as a travel agent to  defraud an entire girl’s softball team out of $38,000 last year. When the team checked in for their flights to head to Delaware to represent Guam in the world series, the swindled team was disappointed to learn their flights were never booked.

Other individuals have also come forward to report that they too had been swindled by Quinata for airline tickets.

This is not the first time Quinata’s been accused of fraud. She’s been convicted in the past of using stolen American Express credit cards to book airline tickets for various customers.