Airport bans handwritten signs for hotel and taxi operators


Guam – The Guam International Airport Authority will be implementing a ban on handwritten signs at the arrivals gate of the A.B. Won Pat International Airport effective April 1.

The ban will only be in place for tour and hotel operators, taxi operators and car rental concessionaires that have business permits to conduct business at the airport.

Instead of handwritten signs, affected vendors and concessionaires will only be allowed to use tablets to hold up signs.

The airport authority said the new policy is in line with their efforts to standardize their signage and image.

Read their statement below:

“The purpose of this advisory is to enhance the passenger experience, provide a clean aesthetic and encourage professionalism in how our  visitor industry utilizes signage to greet their passengers upon arrival.  The Airport is implementing this to de-clutter  the overwhelming amount of free standing signage and paper signs that have been taped on the walls, left in between columns and adhered to rails and walls, glass surfaces and other areas on a daily basis.  The new advisory issued will help control the  clutter and trash and cleaning required to remove adhesives and dilapidated sign stands left behind.  Additionally, as facility provider and landlord, we want to implement best practices in our terminal, and the method of passenger greeting is comparable to programs other airports have  worldwide that have implemented the use of hand held tablets to standardize greeting signage and discourage the use of floor space and abusive practices of leaving tape, adhesive and sloppily handwritten signs on the chairs, in the luggage carts and tucked away in corners and recesses when they are not in use.  Additionally, the use of digital signage allows the greeter to easily edit  and re-use the digital pad over and over again, and is environmentally friendly, eliminating the use of paper or cardboard greeting signs for a single use.”