Airport Launches Investigation Into Confrontation Between GIAA Police & Student Volunteer at Disaster Drill


Guam – The Guam International Airport Authority [GIAA] has announced that it has launched an investigation into the confrontation between Airport Police and a GCC nursing student during Wednesday’s disaster drill at the airport.

21 year old Jimmy Lomibao had volunteered to participate in the disaster drill at the airport and, according to GCC Spokeswoman Jayne Flores, he had been instructed to run around and behave as if he were an agitated passenger.

Flores says Lomibao was “running around” playing the role of an “agitated passenger” when a GIAA Police vehicle pulled up to him and a “number of officers jumped out” and wrestled the student to the ground.

Lomibao suffered a dislocated left shoulder, a fractured left clavicle, a fractured nose and lacerations to his nose requiring stitches.

Late Thursday afternoon GCC’s Flores released this statement:

“GCC President Dr. Mary Okada was contacted by Peter Roy Martinez, Guam Int’l Airport deputy executive director, who assured Dr. Okada that the airport was conducting an investigation into the incident involving GCC nursing student Jimmy Lomibao. Mr. Martinez also assured Dr. Okada that the airport was offering assistance to all the students that suffered injury or illness related to yesterday’s exercise.”

In response to the incident, GIAA released this statement:

GIAA has initiated a full investigation regarding the injury of a student volunteer during yesterday’s triennial exercise. A team of investigators has been assigned to the case to gather all details pertaining to the incident.

The investigative team will be looking into all factors including what safety and security measures were in place, instructions given to the student partaking in the exercise, and the conduct of all involved in the incident.

These and other details will be investigated to ensure an accurate assessment of what transpired and to ensure that the rights of the student and the police officer(s) are protected and that all involved are treated fairly.

The Airport Police is asking the exercise participants to please come forward and make a report if they have any knowledge regarding the incident.

GIAA Executive Manager, Mary Torres stated: “GIAA wants to let the public know that we are taking this incident seriously and any sustained allegations will be handled with the appropriate action.

We are very concerned about Mr. Lomibao’s well being and wish him a full and speedy recovery.”