Airport Officials Fighting Arbitrator’s $2.1M Ruling for DFS in Superior Court


Contrary to the Guam International Airport Authority’s statement that DFS breached its contract, DFS says GIAA only drew down from their security deposit to retaliate.

Guam – The Guam International Airport Authority is asking the Superior Court of Guam to throw out a ruling by an arbitrator for $2.1 million judgment in favor of the airport’s former concessionaire, DFS.


The airport authority says the dispute is for $2.1 million back rent and damages owed by DFS for a portion of retail space that DFS occupied before they turned over the space to Lotte Duty Free in July 2013.

The airport authority says DFS breached one of its lease agreements by failing to pay rent, so airport authority officials were forced to draw down $2.1 million from DFS’ security deposit.

However, in response, DFS says in a press release it was the airport authority who breached the main concession contract.

DFS Attorney Joyce Tang says in the release that the airport authority drew down from DFS’ security deposit “in apparent retaliation for DFS contesting GIAA’s improper award of the airport concession contract to Lotte Duty Free.”

Tang points out that the ruling was made by three highly qualified arbitrators who were chosen by both DFS and the airport authority and all three arbitrators unanimously ruled in favor of DFS.

The next court hearing is scheduled for June 27 at 9 am.