Airport to offer incentive discounts to airlines that fly to Guam

Japan Airlines (file photo)

The Guam International Airport Authority (GIAA) is launching an Airline Recovery Assistance and Incentivizing Service, which it’s calling the “Airline RAISE” program.

Under the program, any airline with direct scheduled non-US service to Guam will be eligible for airport fee discounts of initially 25 percent, which can further be expanded to 50 percent.

“We’re proposing this to be somewhat of a temporary program at first. It will run from May 1 through July 31 and the minimum weekly frequency that we’re requiring is to have at least a minimum of one flight per week per destination,” airport deputy manager Artemio Hernandez said during the airport’s board meeting

The rates and charges that will be proposed to be discounted are what the airport calls operational rates and charges including airfield use, landing and loading fees, immigration inspection fees for international arrivals, as well as arrivals and departures.

The cumulative percentage discount that the airport is looking for initially is up to 25% of these operational rates and charges for a minimum of one flight per week.

“With these discounts, the goal that we’re trying to achieve here is to incentivize, some of our carriers that may not have been flying here,” Hernandez said.

For other airlines that want to provide more flights per week, Hernandez said the airport is prepared to offer discounts of up to 50 percent.

“Obviously we want to make sure that this is beneficial not only to the airline, but it’s fair to the airport as well. This program adds to the recovery effort, not only here in the airport, but also to our airline partners so that we can try to get people back to Guam,” Hernandez said.