Airport vaccination verification stations process more than 350; GovGuam to downsize quarantine facilities

The Guam airport continues to enforce COVID-19 mitigation efforts. (GIAA photo)

The Department of Public Health and Social Services had a busy weekend, verifying vaccinations not only for incoming travelers but for those in quarantine as well.

This past Saturday, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s executive order exempting fully vaccinated travelers went into effect.

DPHSS spokesperson Janela Carrera told Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo that Guam Public Health trained 20 employees to access the WebIZ system and verify people’s vaccination status.

She said that five stations were set up at the arrivals corridor at the airport and the 20 employees were augmented by several volunteers.

Carrera said that all told, more than 350 people were processed.

That’s not including those who were processed yesterday.

“We were really busy over the weekend processing those who were arriving and then those who were in quarantine to carry out all the responsibilities that were in the travel guidance and in the EO…so we were really busy just doing that this weekend,” Carrera said.

Along with travelers, those 350 people included people who were already in quarantine.

Carrera said there were about 600 people in quarantine.

Some of those met the criteria for exemption and were then released.

“We took all the feedback and all the suggestions and considerations from the people who were giving them. We set up at the Guam International Airport to be able to access WebIZ…especially for those who may not have had a chance to obtain their verification upon arriving on Guam,” Carrera said.

Early on, there was some confusion as to whether those who weren’t vaccinated on Guam can have their status verified.

This was especially a concern for those arriving from the states.

Carrera said that Public Health is willing to accept different forms of verification on a case-by-case basis.

“We’re pretty liberal in terms of what we can or are willing to accept,” Carrera said.

She added: “You might get an email, or some form of receipt, things that show you were there, getting a vaccine, especially after your second dose. And so those types of things would suffice to show proof you were at this place for your second dose. Or you can call that private clinic or that pharmacy and ask them for some sort of printout to show a patient record that you were there for an appointment or you were there to get your second dose.”

Jon Calvo, the governor’s chief of staff said that GovGuam is working on modifying its contracts for government quarantine facilities since the exemption means that less space will be needed.