Airport’s Triennial Disaster Exercise Called Off Early


Guam- The Guam International Airport Authority’s triennial full scale disaster drill exercise  was called off early after some volunteers experienced some real world injuries of their own Wednesday morning.

Executive Manager Mary Torres says 100 volunteers participated in the activity to test the airport’s emergency plan in preparing for a real aircraft incident. However, the hot weather caused some people to suffer from heat exhaustion and fainting. Despite this challenge, Torres says the airport accomplished all the objectives needed to prepare for disaster situations. She adds the response time is vital to airport operations and safety protocol.

“For the most part, we did meet our objectives” said Torres. “We did have to call it off a little bit earlier though because the weather was extremely hot and we didn’t want to jeopardize our volunteer’s safety in any way. But for most part, we accomplished what we needed.”

The airport is required under federal regulations to conduct a full scale crash drill every 3 years on its property. The drill did not affect normal operations of the airport facility.