AK Marks 100th Anniversary on Guam With a Donation of 25 Vehicles to Help Fight Crime


Guam – Atkins Kroll is celebrating their 100 years of business on Guam by making 25 vehicles available to help fight crime on island.

The vehicles are being made available for 2 years with, the lease is free and it includes maintenance and insurance.

The “Cars for the Community” initiative was one of 2 announced Friday. At a news conference AK President Des Graham said they’re celebrating their 100th anniversary by launching a community based program, named after their advertising slogan,  “Here for Guam, Here for Life”.

In addition to the “Cars for the Community” program, AK has also launched its “Community Matters” initiative which involves a financial donation that AK will make every month to to worthy causes, chosen by its customers.

And to kick it off, inspired by AK’s birth year, Graham said the first check will be made out in the amount of $1,914.

Graham said, “As market leaders for 40 years, we have numerous awards for our services and we have enjoyed continued support for the 100 years of history. It’s for these reasons that we decided to dedicate our 100th year birthday to the people of Guam who have enabled us to prosper on Guam and provide them the jobs and services we want to do and to continue to be here for Guam, here for life.”

In addition to the celebration, AK hosted an appreciation dinner at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort Friday night.