AK presents check to mayors as part of battery exchange program

AK battery program check presentation to mayors. (Contributed photo)

Atkins Kroll Guam presented a check to Guam’s mayors as part of the company’s battery exchange program

In April, Atkins Kroll Guam approached the Mayors Council of Guam about the battery exchange program and offered to accept used vehicle batteries from the mayors’ offices, offering them $10 for each battery.

On Wednesday, AK presented a check to the Mayors Council of Guam totaling $5,550 for 555 batteries.

Out of all the villages, Inalajan had the most with 90 batteries collected.

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Ernie Galito, AK Business Development Director, said: “The collection points were the mayors’ offices. Our truck would then go there to pick up all the batteries. So, it worked out really well.”

He added: “Also, the money goes to the mayors’ offices themselves so they can help to improve their villages either through this type of maintenance or beautification, however they choose. That way, it gives the mayors extra spending cash for their village.”

Originally part of their Earth Day initiative, after collecting the batteries, AK packed them up and sent them to a major recycling center.

“They actually take the disgraced batteries, they separate all of the materials such as the lead and the plastics,” Galito said.

Throughout the collection process, depending on each individual mayor, AK would have different methods on how they would acquire the batteries.

Some mayors have offered to do pick-up services while others may have required residents to drop their batteries off to a staging area or to the mayor’s office itself.

Each mayor was allowed to use their discretion when deciding how to use the money acquired from the battery exchange.