AK unveils newly remodeled Lexus showroom

A legislative resolution was presented to Atkins Kroll Guam on the occasion of the reopening of its newly renovated Lexus showroom. (PNC photo)

Atkins Kroll Guam has unveiled its newly revamped $1.3 million Lexus showroom.

Atkins Kroll Guam hosted a launch event to unveil the newly remodeled Lexus showroom.

The event was opened with remarks from Wendi Herring, the president of Atkins Kroll Guam and Saipan, followed by words from AK Sales Director Tom Mazzei.

Shortly after Herring and Mazzei’s addresses, Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes and senators Tony Ada and Chris Duenas presented a resolution to Atkins Kroll, followed by a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the showroom.

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“Thank you so much for having me to this resolution this morning— and it is relative to congratulating Atkins Kroll on the grand opening of the re-modeled showroom of its flagship Lexus brand in Tamuning— and commending Atkins Kroll for the continuous automotive service it has provided to the island community,” Barnes said.

The showroom underwent construction for about 6 to 7 months, with a sleek and modern design in mind to reflect the Lexus brand.

When asked about the inspiration behind the $1.3 million showroom remodel and how it will enhance Lexus’s costumer’s shopping experience, AK Guam’s business development director, Ernie Galito, stated:

“So our showroom here … or our showcase is basically how to give them what to expect. We attract them with good design and good quality service. But it’s the actual experience of the Lexus ride and service, and how we take care of them as well as their vehicle.”

Atkins Kroll Guam president Wendi Herring and Sales Director Tom Mazzei both stated that they hope that the new showroom will show customers how committed they are to providing the best services and experiences to Guam’s community.

Herring said: “We want for all of the customers that you come in and experience the brand. Hopefully, you drive one and you feel like wow this is a good fit for me, I wanna take one home!”