Alig: Mayors not forcing constituents to undergo COVID testing

Piti mayor and Guam Mayors Council president Jesse Alig (PNC file photo)

Piti Mayor and Mayors Council of Guam president Jesse Alig has clarified that the council’s latest initiative to contact constituents is not meant to mandate them to undergo COVID-19 testing.

On Monday, the MCOG announced that it will assist the Department of Public Health and Social Services and the island’s medical community in reaching out to island residents and encouraging everyone to know their COVID-19 status through testing.

Alig stressed that the operative word here is “encourage” and that they are not forcing anyone to undergo COVID testing.

“I do know there were several messages asking me why we’re mandating testing. And we’re not mandating any testing, we’re simply just supporting Public Health’s work in the pandemic. Really, it is to encourage the residents to get tested so that they know their status. Because a lot of the deaths on arrivals don’t know that they’re COVID-positive. They go to sleep and don’t wake up,” Alig said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

PNC’s Don Sulat has more …

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