All DOE Schools Will Be Ready for First Day of School

Public school students, are you ready for the first day of school? Well, according to the Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez, the schools are ready for you! We caught up with Fernandez this morning and he told us that there are only a handful of schools left with minor issues, but he said it’s nothing that a little cleaning up on the weekend can’t fix.

Guam – It’s going to be goodbye to summer and hello to school for public school students this Monday, but are schools ready to welcome students and parents on the first day? 

DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says, “We’ve got most of our schools have already declared that they’re ready to open so that means most of the cleaning, classroom preparations, all the maintenance issues have been addressed. Principals assured me that they’re ready to go.” 
Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez says they only have a few minor touches that need to be done at a handful of schools. He says, “We do have a handful of schools that are still working today and through the weekend to get ready. A lot of that stuff is going to be debris removal from the campus, last minute painting and other things. We’re not aware of anything urgent that would impede any school from opening but we’re keeping our eyes open and ears open so that Monday there are no surprises.” 
Fernandez says they’ve been working closely with the administrator teams at all 41 DOE schools to make sure preparations are being made. In fact, today is the first day back to school for teachers. 

He says, “Teachers are back today. A lot of them are just getting refreshed on the expectations at the school, getting updates on initiatives that we’ve been implementing, getting a chance to go to their classroom and make sure there aren’t anymore adjustments or needs in order for the children to show up on the first day.” 

Speaking of teachers, only a few weeks ago, there were 105 teacher positions that needed to be filled and they’re working hard to make sure they have enough certified teachers for the school year. Fernandez gives us an update. “We’re down to about 13 right now so that’s a good progress from where we were.” 
Fernandez says they’re reaching out to retired teachers that are available and willing to work, teacher applicants with a college degree that may not be certified teachers yet, and teacher referrals. Fernandez says what he wants students and parents to know are the school and bus schedules. 
He says, “It’s really important to make sure they review the schedule, they understand when school starts and stops, and the only missing piece is making sure that they get their bus schedules.”
Fernandez says the Department of Public Works will be issuing out the bus schedule sometime this weekend. As soon as it is issued, we will be posting the bus schedule on our website at