All Four Men Arrested for Ipan Gun Fight Have Been Released


No one has been officially charged by the A.G.’s office yet however the A.G. has up to three years to charge them. 

Guam – All four men who were arrested for alleged involvement in a gun fight at Ipan Public beach on Friday have been released back out into the community and as of right now none of them have been officially charged.

 Four men were arrested Saturday for what witnesses described as a gun fight between two men at the Ipan Public beach on Friday night. However all four suspects have already been released. GPD Officer JoJo Templo Garcia was arrested and charged with discharge of firearm and reckless conduct he was booked and released while the other three were booked and confined at first before being released today.

 The three who were released today include 58 year old Eddie William Salas who was arrested for attempted murder, aggravated assault, unlawful discharge of a firearm, possession of a firearm without a valid firearms I.D. terrorizing and reckless conduct. 28 year old Edward Joseph Crisostomo was arrested for conspiracy, unsworn falsification, criminal facilitation, and guilt established by complicity. 21 year old Christopher James Crisostomo was arrested for aggravated assault, reckless conduct, possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of felony, possession of a firearm with no valid firearms i.d., criminal facilitation guilt established by complicity, and unsworn falsification.

 All four men have been given a notice to appear within three years which means they haven’t officially been charged by the A.G.’s office. The A.G.’s office however can still press charges within three years. A.G. spokeswoman Carlina Charfarous says charges could still be forthcoming. According to Charfarous the three men were released because they were not able to be magistrated in time to meet the 48 hour requirement.


 Witnesses at the scene told PNC that at around 9p.m. on Friday night two men began shooting at each other. According to the witnesses one man had a rifle and the other had a handgun. Numerous witnesses both at the scene and in nearby houses said that one of the guns sounded like it was fully automatic. Both men missed each other during the shoot out and no injuries were reported. According to the witnesses many of the shots were fired in the direction of the Mobil gas station across the street. GPD was on the scene investigating both Friday night and Saturday morning. Officers had taped off a barbecue area and could be seen looking around the Mobil gas station. Witnesses do not know what caused the gun fight.