All GDOE Schools Will Open Despite Teacher Shortage and Maintenance Issues


But this also means that teachers might share classrooms or classrooms might be filled with substitute teachers.

Guam – With about two weeks away from the first day of school are the Department of Education schools ready to open?


GDOE Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson says, “No school has indicated that they have any serious facility issues that will prevent them from opening on time.”
This is based on the compiled school readiness report that was reviewed today. Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez noted during the most recent GEB meeting held last week that each school administrator has been reporting to department management the status of their school’s readiness through a weekly School Readiness Report.
Anderson says, “The Guam Education Board called for a work session to be able to meet with the principals from all the schools and hear from them what their issues are in relation to teacher vacancies, support staff vacancies and facilities and maintenance challenges.”
One of the most critical discussions involved teacher shortages and plans in the event a school is not able to fill a particular vacancy. According to Anderson there are still about 140 vacancies. He explains, “At the school level, they’ll make use of the substitute teachers in the beginning of the school year made available to them, such as utilization of their support staff, non-instructional personnel like counselors, librarians, if necessary to go into class and of course administrative personnel vice principals and principals if necessary.”
With regards to maintenance, Untalan Middle School might need to combine or share classrooms come next school year.
He says, “In particular, one school identified that there are six temporary classrooms that are going to need to be addressed because the flooring, it was completely removed. That’s more of a financial challenge for us so the school is trying to figure out a solution behind that. It may involve teachers sharing classrooms to accommodate.”
For the other schools, Anderson tells us what issues were brought up at the work session. “So far of course it’s your general deep cleaning requirements that are still ongoing, some air-conditioning units down that need to be addressed before the start of the school year, things like holes in fence lines, some floors that need tiles replaced,” he says.