VIDEO: Barriers Came Down Saturday as All Lanes of Tri-Intersection Re-Opened


Guam – After 16 long and frustrating months of construction, the Tri-Intersection in Barrigada finally be re-opened Saturday morning about 10 am.  

There is still some work to be done on traffic signals in the weeks ahead and a friction course must be laid down eventually. But at least the barriers came down.

It has been a traffic night-mare for more than a year. The project got started late, and finished late too, about 7 months behind schedule.

DPW Director Joanne Brown told PNC News FRIDAY that some of the delay was due in part to un-foreseen obstacles under the roadway discovered during construction.

Things like utility lines and water pipes were found where they were not supposed to be. And the contractor even found an old underground gasoline storage tank buried within the road’s right away, that nobody knew was there.

For motorists and businesses at the intersection, news of its re-opening came  as a welcome, but overdue relief.