All Public Schools Closed Friday


Some public schools are being used as shelters.

Guam – All Department of Education schools will be closed and classes canceled tomorrow.

 Several public schools are being used as shelters so DOE Deputy Superintendent Rob Malay says after Typhoon Dolphin passes, DOE will begin assessing its schools for potential damages or hazardous conditions. However, he anticipates that classes will resume next Monday at regular hours. Since classes will be canceled tomorrow, Malay says DOE has already identified a potential makeup day.

“We’re looking at the calendar and the next available make up day is after the teacher work day which is June 5 which would mean that we would have to shift the teacher work day and the last day of school accordingly to make up the lost instructional day,” says Malay.


The last day of school was originally scheduled to be June 3rd, but again, because of Typhoon Dolphin, it could be moved to June 4th. However, DOE will be making that official announcement after they’ve completed assessments of all public schools after the typhoon passes.