All set for Travel Talks Digital Global Summit

Representing Skift, the world's leading media company for the travel industry, is their editorial strategist Paul Brady.

Only one day away till Travel Talks takes over the Dusit Thani Resort Convention Hall. Earlier Tuesday, PNC attended the kick-off press conference for the digital summit, where organizers highlighted key events.

The island’s first-ever #instaGuam Travel Talks Digital Global Summit, hosted by the Guam Visitors Bureau, brings together different industries, innovators, and content creators alike who are making contributions to local tourism.

GVB has put together a diverse roster of guest speakers and panelists from Guam and across the globe so participants can gather insights on emerging trends, technologies, and the future of travel.

Participants get to hear from travel industry giants like tripadvisor, airbnb,, and more at the summit tomorrow.

Tourism is our economic engine, says GVB President Pilar Laguana, and Travel Talks is not only an important initiative but is a necessity for the future of Guam tourism. She added that the tourism industry’s evolution has been heavily influenced by social media use and the rise of the global experience economy.

Here today representing Skift, the world’s leading media company for the travel industry, is their editorial strategist Paul Brady, who mentions megatrends that are affecting how people are traveling, and how social media has had a big part in that as well.

“Travelers are using social media on where to go and how to get there. Even I think it’s one of the main channels through which people decide where to go. So social media is really important and having a social media strategy is key for not only hotels and resorts but also destination marketing organizations,” Brady said.

According to Brady, the travel industry at large is changing especially in Asia. The future of travel is also being tested in the region and also in parts of North America.

“People also I think are looking for wellness and fresh air and nature and we’re seeing that a lot in Asia. But we’re seeing it a lot more in North America too that people want to get away from the worries and concerns of home and spend time nature to disconnect and decompress. So any destination that can market this natural sort of amenity, whether those are parks or water sports, just the ability to disconnect and get away from home … those destinations will have a really great opportunity in front of them,” Brady said.

After mentioning that Guam is considered a perfect beach vacation spot by many, Brady agrees that Guam has huge potential in this market niche.

“I think there’s tremendous potential here to sell the nature experience whether it’s the beach, whether it’s hiking trails, or whether it’s scuba diving … I think there’s a lot to offer here as a destination to help people sort of put their screens down, get out, and experience nature which is something that people are really looking for these days,” Brady said.

With a growing number of social media influencers in Guam, there is a lot to be said about the potential of moving forward into this new way of doing travel and bringing more visitors to the island.

Travel Talks kicks off tomorrow Aug. 14 at the Dusit Thani Resort Hotel Convention Hall from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Registration is still open, so hurry and register online at Tickets are priced at $175.