All Volunteers Celebrated at GMH for National Volunteers Week


This year’s theme is “Giving Time, Touching Hearts.”

Guam – It’s National Volunteers Week and this week the Guam Memorial Hospital is celebrating all their volunteers at the hospital.


GMH held a special luncheon today to show their gratitude to hospital volunteers.

But it wasn’t just the distinguished GMH Volunteers Association or Pink Ladies as they’re called who were honored, some student volunteers were also present for the luncheon.

We spoke to some of the volunteers from the University of Guam to find out what their jobs entail.


“We volunteer at the rehab department. We pretty much shadow the therapists, whether it’s physical or occupational and whatever they need assistance in we just provide,” says Derek Wang.

“The therapists, they really enjoy having us around. They get through the day a little bit faster and it’s a little bit easier with patients when they have somebody that can help them out and make sure–help them increase the safety for the patient,” explains Kendrick Perez.

Isabel Adams is also a volunteer, but she says she mostly helps in the administration department. “I just assist with whatever projects they give me, mostly with helping them screen their charts and organize, file,” she says.

This year’s National Volunteers Week theme is Giving Time Touching Hearts.