Alleged Airline Ticket Scammer Served Time in CA For Similar Charges


Frances Quinata in 2003 had been convicted of stealing a credit card then using it to purchase airline tickets for various individuals.

Guam – While accused airline ticket scammer Frances Quinata faces theft charges in local court, she also has other outstanding cases that involve money. In fact, she has a long history of stealing from people and even businesses.


She’s accused of stealing $38,000 from an entire Little League Softball team division on Guam and was recently charged in Superior Court with theft by deception in another airline ticket scam. Quinata also has a pending case in small claims court after she allegedly failed to pay rent to her landlord for a business she operates.

While she may claim she’s innocent in these recent cases, Frances Marie Quinata has a long history involving theft and fraud. Back in 2003 she pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of an access device. The device was an American Express credit card that did not belong to her in which she admitted to fraudulently using the card to purchase airline tickets for various individuals.

But in the midst of that 2003 case, she was forced to return to California to answer to charges that she stole two laptop computers from her former employer. She was eventually convicted in that case of two counts grand theft and was sentenced to four years and eight months in federal prison.

After the resolution of the California case, Quinata then returned to Guam for sentencing in the credit card fraud case. In November 2004 she was sentenced to four months in jail and three years of supervised release. She was also ordered to pay back the $3,600 she stole using the Amex card.



Quinata served her time in federal prison in California and her term of supervised release ended in May 2010.

Her case in small claims was heard today. It was a motion for order to show cause on why she should not be held in contempt of court for failing to make court ordered payments.

You can read the court documents by clicking on the file below.