Alleged improper behavior by nurses at quarantine facilities to be investigated

GovGuam quarantine facility. (PNC file photo)

Accusations of improper behavior by personnel working at quarantine facilities came out recently.

Senator James Moylan spoke with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo about the Legislature’s attempt to look into it.

A letter from a man calling himself “Joseph John” made the rounds recently, finding its way to Guam Public Health director Art San Agustin as well as local leaders such as the governor, Speaker Therese Terlaje, and Senator James Moylan.

The letter alleged that personnel at the Dusit Thani quarantine facility neglected their duties. It claimed nurses were frequently not at their duty stations and didn’t answer their phones. It also said they held events at the hotel’s restaurants.

Although Senator Moylan says an oversight hearing on the matter was held last night, he says they have yet to have a formal reply.

Since that was the case, the public hearing moved on to other matters such as vaccinations.

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“We are awaiting the official letter from Art San Agustin, and he assured us that he will be providing that. From previous conversations and information I received prior to this public hearing we had last night regarding the accusations, we understand that the director has looked into it, the investigation is happening, and they are seeking assistance from the Department of Administration on some time clock issues as well,” Moylan said.

He added that as busy as Guam Public Health is and as important as its work is, it must still be held accountable.

“Unfortunately it takes time away from the priorities of the Department of Public Health. They are..I can understand how busy they are. But it must be answered. And I’m sure the quicker we can get this..seeking the assistance of DOA…of course with their priorities too, I think we can come to the bottom of it. But at least it brought awareness. If it brought awareness. If there were any accusations, maybe folks will focus on their chores a little bit more,” Moylan said.

He added: “They know that people are watching, people do have their cameras, their phone cameras are out, and especially if you put things on social media, you know, there’s going to be questions. Is that really what we want to do? I think we just want to focus on the important things.”