Alleged target in murder plot testifies against Jeremiah Isezaki


Guam – There are two sides to the alleged plot to kill GPD Officer Benny Butch Babauta. But which will the jury believe: the testimony from the bait, or testimony from GPD?

Jeremiah Isezaki’s attorney Douglas Moylan set out to prove his client never intended to inflict bodily harm on Officer Benny Babauta.  Instead, the plan was to set the officer up to be arrested for corruption.

The scheme, according to the defense, would involve Janessa Corpuz luring Officer Babauta to a remote location and then getting him to illicit sex from her. According to Isezaki, it was common knowledge Officer Babauta allegedly used his badge to have sex with young women.

With Officer Babauta on the stand, Moylan focused on the testimony of Corpuz and what she recalled telling police officer Elizabeth Flickenger, Mary Jane Razal and Barry Flores. Babauta testified it was Officer Flickenger who told him that Jeremiah Isezaki, Brandon Baluran and Michael Torre were conspiring to murder him.  And as a result, Officer Babauta was placed in protective custody.

As you may recall, Corpuz testified at no time did Isezaki use the word “kill,” and once officers heard Isezaki’s name, he became a target due to his past criminal history. Corpuz was adamant GPD jumped the gun, and despite her efforts to clear things up at the time, the officers did not listen.

Using this information, Moylan asked Babauta if Officer Flickenger had informed him what the “real plan was,” and if he was aware that Corpuz was to set him up to be arrested for using his position to have sex with Corpuz.

Under oath he stated “no,” but the court did not let him address the jury on the allegations of corruption. The court found that there was no hard evidence presented by the defense to allow the line of questioning.

Moylan then focused on the arrest which allegedly prompted Isezaki’s desire to plot against Babauta. Moylan blatantly asked the officer if he had planted the gun and drugs found when Isezaki allegedly led authorities on a high speed chase.

Officer Babauta denied the allegation—further denying any of the other officers present during that incident would be capable of such corruption.

According to Babauta he only knew what Officer Flickenger had told him, that Isezaki, Torre and Baluran had planned to murder him, he was not made aware of the motive, stating ,”I know the history of violence from Agat Blood Town.”

While there was never any direct threat or overt action from Isezaki, Babauta indicated that he did notice an increase amount of vehicle activity around his home.

Trial continues tomorrow at 9 am.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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