Allied Health Board Votes To Address 2 Charges Against Dr. Joseph


Guam- The Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners has decided to address past charges against local veterinarian Dr. Joel Joseph at its regular meeting Friday afternoon.

No media cameras were allowed while the meeting was conducted at the Health Professional Licensing Office. However, board chairperson Mamie Balajadia did speak to PNC exclusively saying the charges are nothing new and do have merit. She says the 2 charges they will be discussing involve allegations that Dr. Joseph did not properly diagnose a dog with a broken leg and complaints of “unprofessional behavior for threatening and intimidating other vets and people”.

Balajadia says the 2 charges against Joseph will be drafted by their Attorney General representative David Highsmith and transmitted to the local vet’s attorney. Additionally, she also responds to Dr. Joseph’s allegations that the board is a secret society that has attacked him the last 5 years and constantly violates open government law. She says the board’s job is to protect the public and she questions how they could be a secret society if they aren’t allowed to have executive session to discuss allegations brought before them.

“We are very open. We do not have executive sessions on anything that is talked about” said Balajadia.“But at the same time, we do want to protect the individual who people have filed complaints against. And those things should not be brought up to be listened to by the public until we really take a look researching it to find out if it’s true. Anybody can bring allegations to the board. Whether they have merit and if they have merit then we discuss it and then the Attorney General would advise us.”

Since the charges are still under investigation, Balajadia adds she could not go into more detail. Meanwhile, a disciplinary hearing on Dr. Joseph will be scheduled sometime in November.