Alcohol caused student fight at Okkodo High School

Guam Police Department is currently on-site responding to this incident. (PNC photo by Allan Balbin)

The Guam Department of Education reported an “altercation” that occurred at Okkodo High School this morning involving alcohol and three students.

According to GDOE, the altercation occurred during the lunch period. GDOE school resource officers were dispatched to assist and the Guam Police Department was on-site responding to this incident.

GDOE public information officer Isa Baza said the incident involved an altercation between an intoxicated student and two other students.

The Okkodo High School administration called GPD out of an abundance of caution, and GPD was able to respond and intervene along with OHS employees.

Baza said two students were transported to the hospital and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken once the school investigation is completed.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez said he is sad to see alcohol play a part in another school incident.

“Alcohol is completely banned at all of our school campuses and can have detrimental effects on student welfare and safety. This afternoon I will be meeting with the Guam Education Board to discuss ways to strengthen our policies in an effort to further deter alcohol use and to ensure students are able to come to school to learn in a healthy and safe environment,” Fernandez said.

GPD and GDOE have been on heightened alert due to the recent spate of violence at the island’s public schools.

Today’s incident at Okkodo marks the third time an event like this has happened within the last month. On Sept. 13, John F. Kennedy High School initiated a lockdown in response to a riot that involved several students engaging in fights inside their campus cafeteria.

Less than a week later, on Sept. 17, seven students were injured during an altercation at Tiyan High School. GDOE school resource officers as well as members of GPD were alerted and responded to the incident.

Following those two events, 13 students involved in the riots were expelled from GDOE
and several more were recommended for expulsion.

And while they were not riots, brass knuckles were found at the Tiyan High School on Sept. 26 during a campus-wide search and a shelter-in place procedure was ordered at George Washington High School on Oct. 1 to address a social media post about a gun. The post implied that a student possessed a firearm, but after a schoolwide search, a toy gun was found and three male students were taken into custody by GPD.

As with all of these events, those involved with today’s incident at Okkodo High School will be dealt with in accordance with GDOE’s rules and regulations.