Alutiiq Drivers Will Take Their Right-To-Work Complaint Against GFT to Court


Guam – The Right-To-Work complaint from the Alutiiq school bus drivers will be taken to court.

Yesterday [Tuesday],  the drivers tried twice, but failed to file their complaint with the Guam Police Department.

However former GFT Field Representative Robert Koss, who has been advising the drivers, says that a decision has now been made to file the complaint in court. He could not provide details at this time.

About 7 of the 40 Alutiiq bus drivers are objecting to a clause in their contract which requires membership in the GFT saying that makes it a Closed-Shop agreement which would be in violation of Guam’s Right-To-Work law.

However GFT Union President Matt Rector told PNC News today that because the drivers work predominately on federal property, Guam’s Right-To-Work law does not apply.

In response Koss told PNC News that Alutiiq does not fall under the exemption normally granted to businesses within federal enclaves. He said Alutiiq is located in Tamuning on Marine Drive, they pays local GRT taxes And they operate on Guam roads. For those reasons, Koss says, Alutiiq is subject to Guam’s Right-To-Work law.