American Cancer Society of Guam hosts 4th annual Real Men Wear Pink campaign wrap-up


The American Cancer Society of Guam is hosting the 4th annual Real Men Wear Pink campaign wrap-up event … online.

The Real Men campaign gives men the opportunity to raise money for and help ACS with their efforts to fight breast cancer.

Individuals are either self-nominated or nominated by friends or colleagues to participate as a candidate and compete among their peers to be the top fundraiser.

Candidates must also wear pink every day and also help with breast cancer awareness throughout October.

ASCG Senior Committee Manager Tina Noket speaks about why men are the focus of the campaign.

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“It gives the men in our community the opportunity to engage in the fight, raise money to help fight breast cancer, you know, with the programs and the services that it’ll support after the campaign as well as to remind folks and kind of normalize the talk about breast cancer. It’s important to encourage the women in our lives, our moms, our sisters, our grandmothers, and our friends to get the screening that’s needed to find breast cancer early so they can have the best chances, and if it’s found, to get the best treatment and to recover fully from it,” Noket said.

At the RMWP wrap-up event — which will take place Friday night via zoom — ACS will be announcing their top fundraiser.

For this year’s campaign, the RMWP candidates raised $14,700. The funds will all go to the American Cancer Society

For more information about breast cancer or the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign, call 482-9215 and visit