American Medical Center to focus on COVID-19 emergency


The American Medical Center has decided to shut down its regular clinical operations to focus entirely on the COVID-19 emergency.

In an open letter to its patients, AMC pointed out that this is the first time in history that we face a global pandemic health challenge and they are ready.

“American Medical Center stands with you. We have made a critical decision to cease regular clinical operations and proactively focus care on sick and terminal patients. Service for our established patients will be postponed until further notice,” AMC stated.

“We will assume the duty of serving alongside Guam’s only government hospital to help alleviate the overflow of patients, as they have reached their capacity. We appreciate the dedication of all our medical professionals in this unique situation. We humbly ask for the continued support of our island community, AMC added.

The letter was signed by AMC’s two principal partners Dr. Hoa V. Nguyen and Dr. Vince Akimoto.