Andersen AFB Plays Key Role in Monitoring Japanese Tragedies


Guam – Andersen Air Force Base has announced in a release that it is engaged in the ongoing relief efforts following the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

[An RQ-4 Global Hawk returns to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, after collecting imagery in support of Japanese earthquake and tsunami recovery efforts March 18.]

The Andersen-based RQ-4 Global Hawk is flying missions to assist the government of Japan in relief and recovery efforts.

“The Global Hawk offers tremendous capabilities in the aftermath of a natural disaster or other crisis,” said Lt. Col. Brandon Baker, Global Hawk detachment commander. 

“In our mission over Japan, we are able to provide decision-makers with near real-time imagery showing the damage caused by the tragic earthquake and tsunami. The images provided by the Global Hawk allow Japanese authorities to focus their search and recovery efforts, and will aid in the long-term process of clean-up and reconstruction.”

In addition, over this past weekend, the 36th Contingency Response Group was deployed to Japan, The unit is made up of power, communications and  infrastructure specialists. They have been helping with the initial disaster response in Japan.

The release states that at this time, there is no indication of a radiation threat to Andersen Air Force Base or the island of Guam.

The official RQ-4 factsheet can be found here:

The official CRG factsheet can be found at the following link: