This graduating UOG student is a mother and a retired US Air Force veteran

Andrea Alvarado arrived on Guam in October 2019 and enrolled at UOG in the spring of 2020. (PNC photo)

As graduation day comes closer, a mother who is a retired US Air Force veteran will be one of the many outstanding and hardworking University of Guam graduates receiving their degrees this Sunday.

Andrea Alvarado arrived on Guam in October 2019 and enrolled at UOG in the spring of 2020. Before attending UOG, Andrea already had two associate degrees under her belt, with one of them coming from the Community College of the Air Force.

Andrea’s job with the US Air Force emergency management translated into her choosing Public Administration for her undergraduate degree.

When asked how she felt about the sudden transition from in-person to online school, Alvarado said she liked how it was not like the traditional online school because of the Zoom meetings.

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“Actually though, it was a little bit difficult. But I enjoyed the virtual setting because it wasn’t a traditional online class … we did zoom meetings. So it was a little bit like a super virtual, like a super online class. I enjoyed it, it was difficult, but it wasn’t a traditional online where you didn’t have face-to-face time,” Alvarado said.

Thanks to her two associate degrees she was able to transfer credits and graduate within a year and a half of attending UOG. Andrea was able to graduate and stay on top of her studies while attending to her two boys who are 9 and 11.

When asked about whether or not her time at UOG has changed her as a person, she answered that the experience has humbled her for the better.

“It kind of re-humbles me when you’re in a school setting and you don’t know everything. And when you’ve been in a career field for a while, you start to get comfortable and you become the subject matter expert in that career field. And then going back to school and you’re going ‘Wait, I don’t know everything. I need to listen, learn.’ I think that’s what it did to me,” Alvarado said.

With regard to future plans in terms of going back to school, Alvarado plans on getting her C++ certification after enjoying her life post-graduation and looks to possibly pursue her graduate studies in Public Administration in the near future.