Angoco Jury Heading Into a 4th Day of Deliberations on 1994 Murder Case


Guam – It’s been nearly three days since a jury was sent into deliberations following closing arguments in the 1994 murder trial of Mark Angoco.

A 12-panel jury went into deliberations Monday morning. Angoco is now facing a single charge of aggravated murder while in the commission of a robbery. This is his second trial; he was first convicted in 1995 for murder but his case was overturned on appeal with the Supreme Court of Guam.

According to Judiciary spokesperson Josh Tenorio, Angoco’s case went through several courts, even as high as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Federal Appellate Court on multiple matters.

Angoco is accused of bieng the mastermind behind the murder of Darwin Datuin in October 1994.

Another man, John Pangelinan, is already serving a life sentence as the person who actually pulled the trigger killing Datuin.