Animal rights activist weighs in on carabao shooting

Animal rights advocate Cyrus Luhr (PNC file photo)

An animal rights advocate has weighed in on the recent shooting of the beloved carabao Anghet.

Social media posts have been circulating showing Anghet shot in the left and right rib area.

John Ray Aguon, the owner of Anghet, believes the incident was an accident and done by a rookie hunter.

Animal rights advocate Cyrus Luhr, who is also a board member of Guam Animals In Need, said that if this incident was intentional and someone did decide to hurt a carabao on purpose, there is no legal justification for that action.

He stated that it would be a felony and should be reported to the police.

Even if it was an accident, under the current law, Luhr said it would still be a crime, albeit to a lower degree.

Luhr stressed that it is illegal to purposely hurt, torture, or kill somebody else’s animal.

“If it was an accident, then we encourage people to do proper training before they go hunting. You’re never supposed to pull the trigger unless you can clearly identify your target. And if this was an accident, then someone is being reckless while hunting and that itself is very dangerous and it’s something that we should stop,” Luhr said.

He added that it’s unfortunate that somebody took Anghet’s life because this was a carabao who didn’t harm or hurt anybody.


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