Animal rights advocates laud upholding of cockfighting ban

(Photo courtesy Animal Wellness Action)

The US District Court on Guam upheld a federal ban on cockfighting Thursday after the ban was challenged by a local resident.

Animal rights advocates are confident this will be the final word on the long-time practice.

The federal court rejected the challenge after considering filings submitted by various animal rights groups.

One of those groups is Animal Wellness Action. Their president, Wayne Pacelle, says that although he understands many have strong feelings about the tradition, the law is clear on the matter.

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“Those of us on the mainland in the United States love Guam, we’re proud of Guam, we’re proud that it’s part of the United States, just like we’re proud that Michigan or Florida are part of the United States. And Guam has a rich and really important tradition in the United States. But it’s part of the United States, this is the United States rule. Not every part of the country completely agrees, not everyone in every part of the country agrees with every decision. We live in a majoritarian democracy, and sometimes you have people who vote no on bills,” Pacelle said.

The ban was established in 2018 and took effect in the territories late last year.

Animal Wellness Action offers cash rewards for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those who violate animal fighting laws.