Annual District Conference Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Guam’s Organic Act


Guam- The 2010 Annual District Conference at the Hilton Hotel attracted more than 150 lawyers and judges on Tuesday.

Attorney Jay Arriola is the co-chair and keynote speaker of the conference. He says the purpose of the gathering is to update the legal community on the latest laws, including insular cases, cyber crime and cyber ethics on the internet. But more importantly, Arriola says the conference centers on the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Organic Act of Guam.

“It’s appropriate that we discuss 60 years of law on Guam…and so we’re celebrating that” said Arriola. “Unlike any other government agency, to date, I think nobody celebrated that 60th anniversary of the signing of the Organic Act. The Organic Act established the District Court of Guam and it’s been around for 60 years providing access to justice. So that’s what our conference is all about this year and it’s celebrating that. In addition, providing continuing legal education to the hundreds of lawyers that have showed up.”

The conference is sponsored by the District Court of Guam and the Guam Bar Association. It ended at 5pm.