Anonymous letter critical of Laguana’s leadership at GVB

The exterior of the Guam Visitors Bureau in Tamuning. PNC file photo

An anonymous letter, purportedly written by “the concerned management and staff” of the Guam Visitors Bureau, raises concerns about what the letter states is “the professionalism and conduct” of GVB president and CEO Pilar Laguana.

The letter accuses Laguana of “crippling the overall operation(s) of the bureau” by “limiting the authority of classified directors to make decisions” and “delaying the execution of other projects by requiring additional paperwork and briefings on thoroughly vetted plans.”

The letter states that “staff are experiencing a lack of direction” and “more importantly a lack of support from senior management.

The letter goes on to appeal to the GVB Board of Directors to “restore the abilities and power of the classified directors to manage their departments” and “create a safe mechanism to report incidences, for those that fall victim to any form of retribution or bullying tactics by senior management.”

“We are submitting this class action complaint in good faith” concludes the letter “(so) that our Board of Directors of the Guam Visitors Bureau will recognize our collective voice of concern for the bureau.”

GVB spokesman Josh Tyquiengco has issued a statement saying “the Bureau is in receipt of an anonymous letter raising concerns with senior management. The Bureau takes these matters seriously and will review the claims noted in the letter with an aim towards ensuring that the business of the Bureau continues uninterrupted.”

GVB letter