Another 2 sex abuse lawsuits filed against church

Chancery Office (PNC file photo)

Out of the 104 lawsuits filed, the Archdiocese of Agana is facing 102 sex abuse lawsuits with one that was filed solely against the Boy Scouts of America and another that was withdrawn.

Guam – The number of sex abuse lawsuits continue to climb with 104 filed so far against the Archdiocese.

The latest sex abuse lawsuit filed in District Court alleges sexual assault by two different people on separate occasions. The alleged victim is 65-year-old V.F. who filed his complaint against the Archdiocese of Agana and the Boy Scouts.

V.F. says he was molested in the early 1960s by Father Louis Brouillard and by now deceased scout leader Edward Pereira. In his complaint, V.F. alleges that Pereira once locked him inside a room at the Mangilao Parish and sexually assaulted him. Fortunately, V.F. was able to get away.

Represented by Attorney David Lujan, V.F. also accuses Brouillard of sexually abusing him on several occasions, including at swimming trips and overnight stays at the rectory.

The lawsuit filed in Superior Court also names Brouillard as the perpetrator and points to abuse that occurred in 1974. T.P. was an altar server at the Barrigada Parish when he says Brouillard fondled him.

He is being represented by Attorney Kevin Fowler.

T.P. does not specify a dollar amount in damages he is seeking while V.F. is seeking $10 million in damages.