Another dog shot and killed, $5,000 reward offered

Another dog shot in Dededo. Sumo was found dead less than 200 yards away from his home. (Photo from GAIN)

“We remind everyone that it’s illegal to shoot a dog. The only exception is if you’re defending your life or livestock against a vicious animal,” 

– GAIN Board President, Cyrus Luhr


Guam – Another dog was reportedly shot and killed in Dededo. Sumo, an 8-year old blue doberman was found dead on April 12, less than 200 yards away from his home on Lily St. in Dededo, according to the Guam Animals in Need (GAIN).

Sumo’s case would be the latest in a string of animal cruelty incidents reported recently in the media. Last year, Pugua, a boonie dog and Jack Russell mix, and three other dogs were all discovered murdered outside or near their homes in Yigo.

While Gerald Wayne Cruz II was arrested by the authorities and charged with the fatal serial shooting of dogs and cats, he was later exonerated in court.

“The statute the defendant is alleged to have violated does not concern whether he killed the animals but whether he killed them cruelly,” Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo said.

Workers heard a dog cry out

For Sumo’s owners, he was more than a pet.

“Sumo was a big brother to my daughter. He was a family member,” said Dave Silva, Sumo’s owner.

Silva said Sumo had wandered off Friday morning, likely through a gate accidentally left open. Upon realizing he was lost, Sumo’s family began a frantic search, only to find he had been shot and killed.

“He was a gentle old dog, just trying to find his way home,” said Silva. Sumo was a kind, well-kept dog with a collar. “He was trained and could do tricks. We took him to the beach, and he socialized regularly with people,” he continued. “He was so close to home. He almost made it back,” he added.

A local veterinarian examined Sumo’s body, and determined the bullet wounds appear to be from a small caliber weapon, in a body location intended to kill him.

Nearby workers heard a dog cry out sometime around mid-day on Friday.

“We remind everyone that it’s illegal to shoot a dog. The only exception is if you’re defending your life or livestock against a vicious animal,” said GAIN Board President, Cyrus Luhr. “It’s never okay to shoot a dog because it’s lost or stray,” he continued. “Wandering away from home shouldn’t be a death sentence,” he added.

A $5,000 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for Sumo’s death. If you have any information on this crime, please call: Guam Crime Stoppers at 477-4357; Dededo Precinct at 632-9808; or Dave Silva at 777-2668

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