Another Fired Port Authority Employee has Won in Superior Court


Judge Vern Perez agreed with the Civil Service Commission that they had jurisdiction over former Port Authority Financial Controller Jose Guevara’s case.

Guam – Another Port Authority employee who was fired back in 2012 and was wrongly accused of participating in a scheme to defraud the government, won his case in Superior Court.


Former Port Financial Affairs Controller Jose Guevara is the second of the five employees to win his case in Superior Court. Last month Frances Arriola also won her case in Superior Court with Judge James Canto denying the Port’s petition for judicial review. In Guevara’s case, Judge Vern Perez also denied the port’s petition for judicial review.

The Port Authority legal counsel argued that the Civil Service Commission did not have jurisdiction to hear Guevara’s case, and similar to Arriola’s case, also argued that the Port Authority did not violate the 60-day rule when they terminated Guevara.

Judge Perez agreed with the CSC that they did, in fact, have jurisdiction over the case and therefore the decision they made to reinstate Guevara to his position with the Port was valid.

Three other Port employees who also won their appeals with the CSC are waiting for decisions from the Superior Court.

Meanwhile, the last two employees who were also fired as part of the alleged scheme, Bernadette Sterne Meno and and Vivian Castro Leon, have not had a chance to present their case before the CSC.

You can read the judge’s decision by clicking on the file below.