Another governor appointee moves into classified position


Charles Esteves’ position as administrator of Office of Civil Defense has been changed into a classified position.

Guam – Another GovGuam classified position has opened up and being filled by a governor appointee.

An announcement was made Tuesday that Office of Civil Defense Administrator Charles Esteves’ position has been changed into a classified position which gives him more job security.

The announcement comes just a couple weeks after a similar situation at the Guam Fire Department in which Fire Chief Joey San Nicolas demoted himself into the classified position of Deputy Fire Chief.

However, in Esteves’ situation, he’s keeping the same exact position. Before being hired for the classified version of the job, Esteves was only serving in an acting capacity. He was on News Talk K57 today with host Phil Leon Guerrero to explain.

“The administrator for Office of Civil Defense has always been a classified position. However it requires the person to actually compete for the position. So I competed for the position. There were other applicants and I made the cut,” said Esteves. “From what I gathered and–I requested the same information, and it’s never been filled by a classified employee.”

Governor appointees serve at the pleasure of the governor which means they can be removed by the governor at any time. That typically occurs during the change of an administration.