Another JFK student arrested for drinking alcohol on campus

JFK lockdown. (PNC file photo)

Another student from John F. Kennedy High School has been arrested for reportedly drinking alcohol on campus.

18-year-old Myron Hix was apprehended yesterday while police were conducting a periodic check following the detainment of another student for underage drinking.

Myron Hix

According to court documents, JFK’s Vice Principal, Jay Antonio, brought Hix into the school office after smelling the scent of alcohol coming from him, which led officers to have him undergo a breath test. The test yielded positive and Hix was charged with one count of underage consumption of alcohol as a petty misdemeanor.

According to Guam Education Board chairperson Mark Mendiola, GDOE is looking into ways on how to tackle the issue of alcohol consumption at our campuses.

“The accessibility of this product is becoming a problem in our schools. There’s a lot of questions and conversation that’s going around the table, but we need to start taking action. I know that Senator Telena Nelson wrote a parent accountability legislation,” he said.

This case comes a day after the arrest of 20-year-old Darwin Fortes, a JFK student who was charged with underage consumption of alcohol and disorderly conduct.

In addition, alcohol has also played a role in some recent public school altercations, such as last week’s fight at Okkodo High School and the Tiyan High School riot in September.