Another Plea Deal Signed in G-RAP Fraud Case


Former US Army Reservist Charlene Apatang-Blas has agreed to plead guilty to theft of government property.


Guam – Another individual has entered a plea deal in the guard recruiting assistance program fraud case.


In April, Charlene Apatang Blas was indicted on charges that she fraudulently claimed $2000 in GRAP bonuses by falsely claiming to have recruited an individual into the guard.

The GRAP was created during the height of the war on terror to boost enlistment and paid recruiter assistants up to $2,000 for every soldier they helped enlist.

Under the plea bargain, Blas will admit to the false claims in exchange for a recommendation from the US Attorney’s Office of a reduced sentence.

Blas is facing two charges, theft of government property and aggravated identity theft. If the plea agreement is accepted and if Blas cooperates, the US Attorney’s Office also agreed to dismiss the second charge of aggravated identity theft.

Blas is the second of five people indicted to accept a plea deal. She faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

While court papers list Blas as a former Guam Guard member, Spokesperson Major Josephine Blas clarified that she was actually a retired US Army Reservist.