Another police chase results in arrest of man on charges of kidnapping

Adrian Nego was arrested for, among other things, kidnapping.

According to an official magistrate’s report, on Sunday morning, March 27th, police officers observed a physical altercation with a woman in a parked car at a Yigo residence. Moreover, the report states that when Nego saw the police, he drove off in his vehicle with the victim still hanging outside of the car.

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A car chase then ensued between Nego and law enforcement, which ultimately led to Nego’s capture, who violently resisted.

The victim reported that Nego insisted on picking her up the night prior and accepted when he assured her that he would not hurt her.

However, as he drove off, the victim reported that he was driving “angrily and kept trying to flip the car,” telling the victim that she “was going to die.”

Furthermore, according to the report, the victim asked Nego to let her go multiple times but every time she asked, Nego would either break her belongings, cut her clothes with a knife, or point the knife at her, causing her to become afraid for her life.

On the following morning of March 27th, the victim succeeded in persuading Nego to drive her to her cousin’s home, where she asked for help and stated that Nego was holding her against her will.

However, the report stated that Nego then proceeded to break into the home, and a physical altercation and police chase followed after.

Nego has a history of charges related to violence, kidnapping, and robbery, stemming from as early as 2011 to earlier this month. It was from there where, according to records, police responded to an assault in Yigo in which the victim’s mother reported to the police that Nego had been physically abusing her daughter and would threaten to “shoot” anyone who comes to his residence to pick her up.

As for this recent kidnapping incident, according to the magistrate’s report, the victim told officers that Nego had been “more violent” towards her after his release from jail in January. Going as far as to “point a pistol at her face” and would threatening that “if she leaves him, he will shoot her.”

According to the Magistrate’s Report, Nego is charged with kidnapping as a third-degree felony, burglary as a second-degree felony, and family violence as a third-degree felony.

This case is closed and has been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.