Another round of COVID-19 testing for homeless

(PNC file photo)

The government plans to do another round of COVID-19 testing for the homeless.

The plan was announced during this morning’s inter-agency meeting on Homelessness Assistance and Poverty Prevention.

In May, representatives from the Guam Homeless Coalition, Catholic Social Services, Salvation Army, and Public Health conducted the first homeless testing in Tamuning.

In addition to Covid-19 testing, providers also conducted initial assessments of all attendees for appropriate housing options and other services available through Guam’s network of providers.

Sinajana Mayor Robert Hofmann — who is a member of the interagency group — provided an update on the planned testing.

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“In terms of the testing, I know that we are looking into ways to do testing for the street homeless —either using Paseo or the Agana pool or the Ministry kitchens. I know that something is in the works in the discussion that we had with Public Health to see what we can do to also see that those who are not part of the Global Dorm setting … to see if they can get tested as well,” Hofmann said.

Stephanie Flores, from the Governor’s Office, also provided updates on the government’s plan to open a central homeless facility in Tamuning.

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“As far as the homeless shelter, the new one coming online — the one offeror was supposed to submit a quote. We will follow up with GSA today, whether or not they were able to complete that process. And that would be for a central homeless shelter in Tamuning,” Flores said.

According to Flores, they are also finalizing a resource map for the homeless community.