AON Insurance Facing Allegations of Racial Discrimination, Among Other Complaints


Arsenia Sabinay had been with AON Insurance for 21 years before she was fired.

Guam – A woman is suing AON Insurance because she believes the company fired her because of her race, her accent and her age. She also believes she was fired in retaliation for filing a discrimination complaint with the insurance agency.


Former Aon Insurance Accounting Clerk Arsenia Sabinay had been with the company for 21 years. In court documents filed in District Court, she says most of her problems began after two particular employees were hired and she believes they picked on her because of her age, her race and her disability.

Sabinay states in court documents that her manager claimed that a customer had complained about her communication skills and her ability to speak English. “I speak English well,” Sabinay wrote, “and have never had issues before … in 21 years, no one had complained about my communication skills or accent.” Sabinay believes the customer’s complaint was fabricated and that two other employees “were behind this.”

Sabinay also says the company did little to accommodate her for her disability. Despite providing documentation of her disability with her eye sight, Sabinay says she was forced to perform duties that were detrimental to her health.

The company had not filed a response to the complaint as of news time.